Tight budget Logic Studio on a Mac Mini



Trying to build a bare, bare-bones home studio with the most affordable Mac?
You probably already own a monitor, a mouse, a keyboard… ever heard of the Mac mini?

Yes, Logic Pro works on a Mac Mini, as well as it works on an Macbook Intel 13-in.

What about the audio interface?

Very well, see that FireWire port? You can get a nice, bus-powered FireWire interface with enough ins and outs to cover your needs…
…provided that you are not going to record each performer of the Radio Berlin Orchestra and instead you just want to record your guitar or keyboard playing or your voice or what have you.

There are dozens of audio interfaces out there ranging from -100 US dollars to +1000 and beyond… but as I said if you are going to record into a few inputs at a time I’ve prepared a list of my personal favorites (sorry if yours is not there) – by the way I use an almost-decade-old MOTU 828 (not even the MkII, let alone the MK3!) and it has never let me down, so yes, FireWire works.

Here are the criteria for the list:

1. Price range: 200 to 350 USD.
2. Power: Has to be bus-powered (the FireWire bus powers the interface)
3. It must have:
a) Preamps for your unpowered instruments (like a guitar)
b) Phantom Power spec for your condenser microphones that need it
c) At least 2 instrument inputs for your synths or samplers or drum machines or effects…
d) MIDI I/O for your older MIDI instruments (the newer ones usually connect to the computer via USB)
4. It must record at minimum 24bit/96KHz

That said, that price range and with those specs my personal favorites so far are:

1. Yamaha GO46
2. PreSonus Firebox 6×8
3. M-Audio Firewire 410
4. Edirol FA-66

and here’s a comparison sheet with their specs (click on it)

And this is how your budget would go:
(In US Dollars)

1 Mac mini 2 GHz @ 799 $ +
1 copy of Logic Studio @ 499 $ +
1 Yamaha GO46 @ 340 $ = 1,638 $

What? still too expensive? ok, let’s change the Mac mini and the audio interface:

1 Mac mini 1.83 GHz @ 599 $ +
1 copy of Logic Studio @ 499 $ +
1 Edirol FA-66 @ 279 $ = 1,377 $

You know you could even reduce it to 1,077 $ if you took a copy of Logic Express which in my opinion is a lot better and feature-packed -if you compare the specs- than all the ‘lite’ versions out there.

Via Logic Studio Blog

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